I enjoy a good candlelit dinner, long walks on the beach, and diving head first into interesting code. I believe the oxford comma isn't optional and that there's a special place in hell for people that don't rinse ketchup off of their plates

I use this blog to document interesting things I build, a form of "blogumentation", chronicle my adventures, share cute puppy pictures, and occasionally share my opinions.

Professionally I'm currently an engineering manager at Red Hat as a part of the CIAM team. While my day-to-day focus is mostly around people management, team dynamics, and business strategy, I continue to yearn for engineering work. Opportunities for this usually present itself in two ways. The first, I bring an engineering mindset to the practice of people management, and business leadership. That is finding well researched frameworks, applying evidence based solutions to problems, and engaging in open and collaborative decision-making processes. The other is in continuing to find opportunities to write code. While the value of my time doing so at work is less and less, I have shifted my energy into side projects.

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