Week 17/52

  • Work has been getting pretty busy
    • Focusing a lot of energy and research into improving developer experience and productivity
    • Leveling up my understanding of the systems we use on a regular basis
  • Successfully integrated indieAuth.com on my website
  • With a method of authentication, I was able to join the IndieWeb WebRing
  • Experimenting with a new method of executing my prof dev goals
    • Using Gantt Charts over a quarterly basis
    • Limited the amount of distractions
    • Set realistic goals
    • I also want to add them to my blog
      • Publicly stating my goals, may add another layer of accountability
  • Continued practicing typing with the Moonlander keyboard
    • I'm going to try a new layout soon
  • I'm reading the 2023 DevOps Report
    • Thinking of new approaches to measuring productivity
    • Exploring how to measure productivity without running afoul of Goodhart's Law
  • Investigating Cynefin for conceptualizing complex systems
  • Continuing to work through better understanding Keycloak
  • Completed Survived week one of Cooper's training
    • He's starting to understand basic commands
    • Actually enjoys his crate
    • Still working on his chewing and biting issues
  • Installed a permanent baby gate in front of our stairs
  • Finished personal finance statements for March
    • This takes about ~1 hour per month
    • Looking for better tools to automate this
  • Started running again
    • After a 3-week break, I did a 2.5-mile run at ~9 min/mile pace
  • Watched
    • 1st round of the NFL draft
    • Random episodes of Killing Eve with Alaina

Insights Upon Reflection

My energy levels and motivation have been falling behind the levels I would like for them to be. This has been the case for the previous 3 weeks, which aligns with a ramp up in demands from work. Anecdotally, this coincides with the lack of any real exercise over the past 3 weeks and piss poor diet. Now that my shins are healed, I'm going to fall back into my running routine, as that seems to be a good base upon which to build upon.

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