Week 18/52

  • This week work was just work
    • Focusing on productivity measurements and improvements
    • Continuing to build base knowledge of underlying tech stack at work
      • OIDC
      • OAuth 2.0
  • Got another two sutures removed from my Cornea
  • Spent most of the week fighting off a headache
    • Need to implement better diet and exercise again
      • I suspect the headache was related to my eye
      • The diet and exercise during the bridge run did overlap with a reduction in the number and severity of headaches I experienced during the beginning of the year
  • Met up with Donald for lunch and coffee in Charleston
  • Learning more on OAuth
  • Signed up for South East Linux Fest 2024
    • Need to see about doing a BoF presentation
    • And make decision about HAM radio license
  • Week 2 of Cooper's training
    • Installed and set up his pen
    • Working on more commands
    • Building a structured routine for him
  • Watched
    • Clarkson's Farm Season 3 part 1
    • Miami Grand Prix
  • Made a plan with Alaina on what to do with garden in front of house Rough sketch of garden plans

Weekly Thoughts

This week started out of sorts and off routine, and continued to run further off course as it progressed. The massive headache and total sleep exhaustion were likely the catalyst, and trying to keep the ship afloat as it were through the rest of the week helped to ensure that it stayed on course for that. Looking to control what I can, I'm going to shift back into my race training routine, and revert back to higher levels of tracking my health. I can't control the sleep schedule from Cooper, but I can control things like my diet and exercise habits. My hopes are that will help me to refocus, clear some of the mental fog, and hopefully reduce the likelihood of another week long migraine headache.

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