Week 22

  • work:
    • Researched and participated in 2x2 exercises
      • I subscribe to the approach of doing as much quantitative and qualitative analyse while researching decision-making possibilities
    • Focused on greater relationship building
  • Went for a couple of runs
  • Continued to work on training Cooper
    • He only had 1 accident in the house this week, and I'm fairly sure it was because he was afraid of the sprinkler in the yard
    • Work continues on trying to reduce the amount of chewing he does
    • He's now large enough to have access to tables and onto furniture at his whim, so we'll begin working with him on that in the coming weeks
  • Finally, found a new home for our old couches. They went to go use with my sister
    • As a bonus I was able to hang out with my sister and Rob for most of Saturday. This needs to happen more often than it has
  • Cleaned and reorganized the garage -- A task that's been waiting on the couches to get removed for months.
  • Spent a fair amount of time in the lawn.
    • Working through the most efficient watering procedures given current resourcing constraints.
    • Took soil samples. Learned that our soil is acidic (which is fine for centipede grass) and that the Nitrogen levels are low
    • Built a yearly plan for our lawn
  • Finalized plans for SELF and upcoming trip to Raleigh
  • Alaina and I did Sunday morning church, followed by brunch and the bookstore
  • Continued to progress through reading the IndieAuth spec
    • Began taking a side path into reading OAuth PKCE RFC 7636
    • I think there's too much inertia for me on tasks like this. There's a fair amount of friction to overcome to get started after I've stop. Typically, once I do sit down and begin working on it again, I make great progress for the duration of that session.
  • Wrote some go code. Mostly just PoC stuff trying to better grok interfaces within go .
    • Did start scaffolding out an IndieAuth Server implementation. I need this level of feedback to understand complex topics
  • Watched/Listened
    • Finished True Detective with Alaina - Really enjoyed the finale of season 1


This week saw a shift in time and focus away from thought works and towards housework. While I'll never completely regret working on house projects, I think the drastic shift was due to feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed. While the majority of this comes from things beyond my control at Red Hat, other stress at home is firmly within my control. At the beginning of May I set fairly aggressive professional development goals for the next couple of months. I've fallen fairly behind on these as I've focused a lot more time towards my marriage, family, and home life. It's a known quantity that once my cup becomes full I will begin to defect and avoid as a copping mechanism. Research and development in particular brings me high levels of satisfaction, and it's something I'd like to return my attention in the following weeks.

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